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On this page we will post all projects and news related to them. Click on the project you are interested in and find out about its status, stages of promotion, news and much more. Projects open and available for download are marked with a special sign. There are not many projects yet, but we are constantly updating the list and doing something new. Welcome to Nifti universe, it's cool!
RP City
A city under construction now with mods from third-party developers. Large scale, different building styles.
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International City
The most beautiful city with delightful landscapes in the ancient style.
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A cold and picturesque city on a rock, it was built because it is beautiful here.
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A magical modern city with a great history.
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Steampunk City
A city with a unique sci-fi style.
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The palace complex of the Trose empire.
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Get the hang of PvP!
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