Amateur Minecraft Studio
Join us
Our team is interested in good specialists. If you are a builder, Java developer, or tester, please contact us. We are a non-profit organization. We don't receive any funds. You can work with us to build your portfolio and work experience.
The main advantages of working in our team.
A close-knit team. Our team members are friendly, we have no quarrels. The friendly team will gladly welcome new members to their team.
Exclusive panel for builders. We have a panel for Builders and other team members. With it, a large project is broken down into tasks, and builders compete with each other, which makes building more fun and better. No other team except ours has this.
Round-the-clock work in servers. Our Minecraft servers with projects work around the clock, so you can go to it and build whenever you want. We do not work on schedule, we work for results.